Play Fair Character Education Lesson and song by Dr. T.

Dr. T stresses the importance and usefulness of following rules. He uses sports as an analogy. Every game has its rules. Those rules define the game. Cheaters can never be winners because cheaters are not in the game if they don’t play fair and by the rules. Dr. T speaks of the fact that doing your best and playing fair makes you a winner. The second you cheat, you have lost.

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Responsibility Character Education lesson and song by Dr. T.

In this video, “Dr. T” discusses the importance of being responsible. Responsibility can take on multiple characteristics. One is taking responsibility for your own actions and another is doing the jobs you are responsible for. This lesson speaks of the importance of doing your jobs.

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The Respect Character Education Lesson and song by Dr. T.

These humorous videos feature an Elvis –like character as portrayed by Dr. T. He discusses the importance of treating others with respect. The attributes of respectful behavior are illustrated by using each letter from respect.  R is for responsible, E for excellence, S is for superstars that are respectful, P is for positive people, the next E is for enthusiasm, C is for caring and T is for those who are trustworthy. One is the lesson and the other is the original song by Dr. T.

These 2 videos address different issues. Couch potato points out that while TV watching has some benefits, too much TV and little reading can be a problem. This features a mix of live action and stop animation. Keep it clean addresses the importance of a clean environment


The Pledge of Allegiance Character Education Lesson and song by Dr. T

Dr. T points out how many students have no understanding of the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance even though they say it hundreds of times in their years in school. The Pledge is essentially a promise. Dr. T points out how we all place importance on keeping promises. This promise is no exception. 

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